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Attn Support , Will Maxi Sys software back up of Scan Folder still work after expired subscription?

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    2016-08-01 15:32:12
     I am still on the fence about, buying a new $800 DS708 that Back up SD cards usually work on , or whether or not to buy a faster Maxi Sys  platform because of the question of creating a  software backup of the entire scan folder that will work after your   subscription is expired. I still have not heard of anyone who copied and pasted their entire  Maxi Sys  scan folder to a 32GB micro SD card and saved it, and after their update was expired  something happened where the software got corrupted and stopped working and they needed to format the drive and reinstall the entire scan folder  backup again. What good is wasting hours to create back up software to COVER YOUR @SS IN FUTURE if some protected.exe file for authorization for you to be able to have authorization to access your own diagnostic software again will not copy when you create the backup and you still forced to buy another  update to get authorization  to unlock the diagnostic software again
      Again anybody who ever made a scan folder copy during your free update period and  had to reinstall the entire scan folder later out of your update period , Were you ever able to recover the use of your MaxiSys with it and avoid buying a new update to get it working right ?

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    2016-08-01 17:16:29 (Reply to:witsend)

    Autel sucks don't buy any scaner

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    2016-08-01 18:26:09 (Reply to:tjwolverine)
     I don't think saying Autel S@cks helps answer  my question whether or not a copy of the scan folder for a backup while still within your update period is going to  work  after the free update period is over when you really need it.
      Not one person has weighed in yet  on whether or not copying the scan file will work to recover operation of MaxiSys after software sub expired, so I won't buy a scan tool that I can't create backup software for that is not going to work after subscription expiration 

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    2016-08-03 00:09:30


     Well support

    A answer for my 908PRO would be appreciated

    will saving scan folder and resetting the android device then coping over scan folder really work

    or are we still working the bugs out of that

    I have no battery problems, no system crashes, no real problems other than maxi has stopped back on the

    old system, I'v treated my 908P with extreme care and no issues like other people

    My sub run out on the 10th of this month

    I would like a yes or no answer if it works, not a "it should work"

    You brought out the new system to protect your software,and likely to please the courts as well

    Its time you protect our investments in your tool and give us a defined procedure you will stand behind

    As you have disabled any attempt on the device to back up anything other than saying copy scan folder

    Please define a proper restore procedure of the unit that YOU know works Please

    Please respond before my sub runs out

    PS: an answer to my flash pro update question as well Thanks

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    2016-08-03 01:40:15 (Reply to:witsend)

     yes there is a security file in there somewhere,  there has to be one. as you know mine wont boot up after the last update I did, either that or it ran out of battery while it was updating but regardless it shouldn't just stop working like it did. I had no back up of this tool, one was made but it was lost so am screwed  for the time being while autel responds to my issue, hopefully soon though. but I called usa autel and I was told that I will have to install  some kind of software or code into an sd card and boot up my tool, this software will flash it back to original state or something or other, forgot most of the stuff the guy said and  of-course they will not provide me with such software because it was bought  from china and the conversation was cut short. I think a backup if I had one, would had not help me at all. I don't know what to make out of this but it is certainly very suspicious to me. I updated my tool a dozen times and this never happen before. as long as autel helps me out before my sub here expires am happy  though.

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    2016-08-03 12:36:47

    The Scan folder backup can work if you don't change the system version. Even if your unit expired, as long as you don't downgrade/upgrade the system version, the Scan folder stil can work in your device as backup.

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    2016-08-03 23:38:43 (Reply to:Support02)

     So that is bad news

    My sub runs out on the tenth of this month and just upgraded system today so all previous backups are useless

    IS that what your telling me

    WHy would upgrading the system effect software authorization or usage

    the serial number or what ever allowing software use should not be effected

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    2016-08-04 10:25:36 (Reply to:Jim)

    Hi Jim,

    If your backup files are copied after System Version V2.01 releaed on April, it can still work on your device.

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    2017-03-30 12:23:33

     Autel does NOTHING to support its customer base.  I would go as far as they create bugs and glitches to make their scanners unusable.  I have owned several of these over the years and at this point, I will NEVER purchase another one of their products.  Anyone who would ever consider buying another one of their products is crazy.....

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    2017-06-15 03:45:47 (Reply to:Fmdod)
      Well from what I suspect,  Autel seems more concerned about creating new system updates to juggle around changes to the System Architecture to throw off  Copyright lawyers and avoid paying for renewal of licensing fees more so than to a true commitment to the customers fixing the past and present car repair software bugs, filling the holes of old software versions, and getting the platform rock stable where any older backups of  software can be authorized to continue to work and be backwards compatible.
       Just imagine how much better the software could be if the OE software is copied instead of all the time the engineers have to spend altering the architecture of the system to continually throw off the copyright lawyers.
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