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updating fails on maxisys ms906

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    2016-12-20 11:55:33
      Hi, I have an update problems with three véhicule brands. After Downloading update, my device maxisys restarts without installing the update. I tried the methods proposed in the forum but nothing changed:
    -factory reset (several times)
    -delete download folder from scan folder.(several times)
    The car brands are: Benz Maybach
    -CitrOen Peugeot
    -Skoda, Audi, Seat, VW CV, VW , Bugatti, Lamborghini, LT3, Bentley.
    I cannot work on all these cars. Please help me!!!

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    2016-12-21 01:29:16 (Reply to:slkbouba)

    Good luck, I've been reportimg these issues for the last few months with no response
    from autel.

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    2016-12-23 18:12:03

     It happens to me as wellci deleted the affected car softwares and redownload everything was OK after then

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    2016-12-23 21:19:13 (Reply to:Saabtechkeys)

     That is good information to delete the old software first. I suspect the old files typically automatically would get deleted AFTER the new files are downloaded, but due to the large amount of data you are dealing with that is being moved and replaced, it might temporarily require double the space requirements on the hard drive during the process for it to update without error. Probably still would want to back up the entire scan folder to a PC before deleting any makes and doing any major update.

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    2016-12-31 15:27:22 (Reply to:Saabtechkeys)
     Hi, please i want to know how to delete the affected car software, Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way.

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