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Unable to start manual DPF regeneration

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    2017-04-19 21:25:45
    Hello people

    I apologize if this has been spoken about in another thread but I couldn't find a topic about Maxisys Elite's inability to perform manual regeneration of the DPF system on a 2013 MB ML350. 
    Actually, there is not even an option to select to get into the regeneration mode. What's more surprising is that the Autel MaxiCheck Pro actually can do this, but has difficulties following through the entire procedure. At this moment I'm slightly annoyed by these lack of features of the Maxisys Elite scan tool, which I thought would be a good place to start for a new shop.

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    2017-04-23 08:37:08 (Reply to:Mecanoauto)

     Yes, it is pretty disturbing that you need access to the car before you know what options you have to work with!

    I know about the list of options for the tool, but it is not up 2 date!!!

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