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Backup/Restore of individual cars - does not work.

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    2017-09-10 08:22:32
    To all a word of warning.

    The restore (from SD backup) of an individual car software does not work on the MS906.
    All you get is the "authorization error" message.

    So we have NO fallback to older versions, at least not by car.
    May be a full restore of the scan folder would work, that I have not tried as I only wanted Subaru 3.20 back.

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    2017-09-12 09:28:42 (Reply to:fware)
     From Autel Support.

    2. Once the software was updated, there is no way to get the old version back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    2017-09-14 00:16:01 (Reply to:fware)


    They told me that if you did not upgrade your operating system and saved your scan folder you could restore a carline if it became corrupt. unfortunately I upgraded my maxisys o/s and cant go back You said,

    Now they say if we upgrade car line we can not go back, done ,finished, updated working or not

    They have never made an Effort for fast and easy recovery of any maxi system, unlike the old software copy and paste 2015>

    An active subscription, time downloading and support phone help is the only way to get your scanner going again

    That's not right, they need to do something for rescue/restore , not lock us out further

    One support center for all of north America cant reach everyone on subscription or not

    I understand they need to protect your software but if its software serial number matches the machine why does it matter which version

    is installed

    Any one like me off subscription is dead in the water, never really giving the option to save my ass if the scanner craps out

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    2017-09-14 19:32:39 (Reply to:Jim)

     I agree Jim. There should be some kind of backup utility that we can use to backup and restore what we want with out having to pay for an entire year worth of updates just to get our machines working again.

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    2017-09-15 02:56:22 (Reply to:fware)

     Did you make sure after you copied and pasted the one makes software that you exited and  closed out all open apps and rebooted the scanner , reopened maxi sys app and then tried again?
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