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How to install Google play store in maxisys elite

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    2017-11-07 12:04:11
    Hello everyone!
    I was wondering if someone can help me or teach me how to install Google Playstore in Maxisys Elite.

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    2017-12-06 20:47:49 (Reply to:RJ)

     I have done a bit of research trying to do this myself.  I discovered a document that had a complete list of the supported devises.  The Autel Maxisys Elite was not on the list

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    2017-12-26 20:53:34 (Reply to:CGAUTO)

     So the answer is NO, it cannot be done. We have ProDemand we need Chrome/FireFox. It's sad.

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    2018-01-01 15:16:20 (Reply to:Smogtech)

     Is your tool up to date, my 908 bought 12-26-2017 has Chrome.

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    2018-01-22 04:01:29 (Reply to:Smogtech)

    But you can download Google chrome on elite. Just search Google chrome apk file and
    download and install it. After that you can access pro demand and identifix

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    2018-01-23 07:27:58 (Reply to:CGAUTO)

     Was any of the maxisys tablets? I was just reading a thread about rooting the system.

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    2018-02-14 19:15:11

    I was able to install the app store. Let me find the correct files and procedure I followed.

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    2020-08-15 21:02:43 (Reply to:)

     Please send me directions how to install google play

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    2020-08-17 03:39:23 (Reply to:)

     I installed the APK successfully, but the APP did not work either because the Tablet is not rooted or because the 4.4 Android version is too low. I don't know, so I deleted it. Even the Apps that I installed that do work , I always close out the MaxiSys App before opening any App I installed, and make sure they are closed out before opening MaxiSys App .

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    2020-08-29 02:15:20

    Go to and install everything you want. Forget google play.
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