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battery problem

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    2017-11-09 17:36:55
    The battery in my autel maxisys elite doesn't work
    Where can buy.

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    2017-11-10 13:42:59 (Reply to:)

     Platform is pretty new .  Are you sure the docking station and battery contact points are all nice , clean ,and shiny, aligned  and have decent spring contact pressure keeping things in good contact? Puddles of Soda pop don't play nice in docking stations.

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    2017-11-17 00:27:02 (Reply to:witsend)
    So when I put the tablet on the dock or charger, and I take the the tablet of the dock or
    charger it shutdown by it shelf. And I still have the warranty and it ending at the end of
    this week. And they don't want to change it by the warranty, I called the technical
    support emailed them and they still don't want to change the battery, because I bought
    the product online they don't want to fix it. And they gave me a Chinese address but the
    company is in USA. I payed a lot of money and the battery doesn't even last a year.

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    2017-11-27 18:04:38 (Reply to:)

     Did you ever get your battery issue resolved? I am having the very same issue and now my battery is starting to bulge??
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