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Autel China Vs Autel Usa

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    2020-01-30 19:02:50
     Is there a difference in software version or updates from autel Usa or Autel China, because Autel Usa make it seems as if their sofware is much better or stonger on most cars.

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    2020-01-31 00:30:49 (Reply to:sabas)

       I think it's more about whether the serial # of your unit you purchased is one in the USA database as a unit sold from an authorized USA dealer or from a Chinese dealer off Amazon (even if it shipped out of a warehouse in USA). It's the Serial number,  not the US market software that determines which country's support you can expect to get support from.The RGA repair authorization will need to either come from Autel Support in China and be shipped back to Autel of Mainland  China or from Autel USA Support and shipped to Farmingdale New York for repairs in the USA.
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