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hotspot issues network busy

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    2020-09-07 08:27:39
     Having issues with my telephone hotspot function for the MaxiSys Elite and the IM608

    worked like a charm (special functions with downloads, key programming, etc.) but since a month or so if I am with a customer and want to do something that requires network I get the 'network busy #1" when checking updates and also a connection issue when doing online calculations for keys etc. Every time picked other tool and did job working around this problem.

    First thought it was server issues, but that is not it, I just connected it to a local WiFi at my new workshop and it works like before. Just not when connecting to my phone (which is kind of an issues if you work quite a lot at customer place). Anybody knows how to fix this? Ofcourse I will fiddle around with my phone to see what I can do and send mail to but that might take long if any response at all

    Using: Huawei P10 , limitless data bundle, android

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    2020-09-07 14:19:12 (Reply to:Matronix)

    Try doing it with a laptop PC or another Android device to see if they have the same issue. If so call your phone network support,because they may be throttling the connection for tethered devices, and may require purchase of a special Hot Spot device you pay extra for .
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