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Unable to backup files to SD card or USB drive.

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    2020-09-15 05:15:43
    Before applying updates, Autel recommends backing up the data.
    So I wanted to backup my MS908BT to a Micro SD card or a USB Flash Drive.
    However when I try to do that, I get the following error:
    "Your system forbids ES from writing on external SD card(check, so ES can only write on it after rooted."

    I tried to go to the webpage listed, but I got and error that it was not found or couldn't be translated.

    How do I backup my files to an SD card or USB drive?

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    2020-09-15 13:35:20 (Reply to:)

      From the Android Homepage with the Maxi sys App closed try an unused brand new Sandisk 32gb USB flash drive.(I didn't have any luck trying a used formatted USB thumb drive of another brand) In ES Explorer copy and paste Scan Folder to USB Flash drive. Make sure your  tablet is plugged into it's charger  with a good charge on it's battery to start with.
    Make sure you allow several hours for the process. I used the USB SS port of my MaxiSys Elite with a USB3 thumbdrive and it still took a couple hours or more. Due to these tablets not having an internal cooling fans I actually wrapped a large plastic  Block of Blue Ice with a thick dry plush breathable cotton towel around it and layed my Maxi Sys on it hoping to keep things running cooler inside.
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