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Cannot get it to connect to the software

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    2020-09-21 23:51:09
    Ok, this is a new tool for us. We need to print for the device. Installed the  "MaxiSYS PC" software, let it update itself. plug in the scan tool via USB cable. The windows 10 computer see the device, I can browse all of the files on the device, can move files back and forth to the device. Windows sees me plugin it every time, device manager see it. Yet the Maxi suite does not see it. it is a wonderful program, in that you have no refresh button, are a menu, or a settings tab. So what you do see is a useless window telling you it cannot find the device. Same goes for the pc link software, cannot do anything unless the device is connected. I think this is very poor programing, no help for the end user. It sucks to not be able to use this device as intended. Need to get this solved or the tool goes back.  Very disappointed in this. Random thoughts from a former software project manager. The device should have the  ability on device itself to create and manage printers, it does not. Not exactly sure why there is even a "printer setting" (by the way it should be settings) and the only setting is "print via network" that is checked but cannot be unchecked, useless. The device should be able to decode VINs via its camera. The menu system is very clunky, allr ready had one tech not realize he was in the "service" section and not the "diagnostic" section, 10 ro 20 escapes late finally at the top menu to allow him to get where he needed to go. It is not clear which section you are in and these feature should really be integrated in to the diagnostic systems, it is how most of the other scan tools I use do it. But let us just see if we can get it to print to one of the several printers on my network, or Bluetooth to  one or via WiFi. I will return this tool if it gets down to having to plug it in every time. My other tools do not have this issue printing was set up on the tool itself.


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    2020-09-26 18:06:29 (Reply to:skmotor)

     YA, I have problems printing too. Every time I got to REVIEW DATA, the connection drops, I agree, communication SUCKS.

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    2020-10-11 23:01:30

     I had the same issue. This is how it started working for me (I have the ML629).
    Need to state the obvious:
    You must install the MaxiSuite software for your computer (Win, Mac, etc.)
    I have already ran an OBD-II scan on my vehicle and saved the codes.

    1. Connect the device (mine is ML629) to the computer using the USB cable provided.
    2. Device is powered by USB
    3. On the Device, navigate to Playback and press OK button.
    4. Select the data you want to Review (Press OK button)
    5. Select the code you want to view/print and press OK button.
    6. AT THIS POINT, start you PC Link program on your computer.

    It takes about 2-3 seconds and then you should see the message change from "No scan tool connected!" to "The scan tool already connected!"

    Actually, once you navigate from the Main screen and into Playback is when it recognizes the device plugged in. You can see this by navigating in and out of the Playback menu and the PC Link screen will change the message back and forth.

    I hope this helps.
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