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I have a small problem with my DS708, unable to delete error codes from LCM on 2006 Range Rover.

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    2015-03-05 06:10:06
        It can read the error codes OK but just cannot delete them from the Lighting Check Module (LCM), it can read and delete error codes from all other modules on the car. I sent a data log file to Autel, the reply from Autel was just a file for me to download ( NK(3).bin ) to download. I downloaded this file ok but there were no instructions what to do with this file. I do not want to experiment and wrongly download another operation system to the DS708 or change it's language from English, I live in UK, any ideas anyone. Thanks in advance.

    Had an email from Autel, file NK(3).bin now copied to SCAN folder in SD card for DS708, update ran and it has updated DS708 from V6.31 to V6.33. At the same time updated to the latest Land Rover software V7.10
    All working as normal but still cannot delete error codes from Light Check Module (LCM).
    Back to drawing board.

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