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BMW Version 10.x on MS 906 only installs on SD

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    2017-06-16 07:28:09
    Hello all,

    I have discovered that the latest BMW software on my MS906 is forcibly installed on the SD card and NOT on the internal memory !

    If you have NO sd in your system the install fails without any information.
    If have an sd you get at the end of the install the information that this 3 GB have been installed on the SD and that waht directories you can delete from the internal memory.

    So be aware that you need and SD card and you get a SCAN folder there that is needed from now on.

    Bad idea, as I have about 12 GB free and I see no need to go to SD for BMW software....

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    2017-06-16 18:01:41 (Reply to:fware)

     Maybe you can dedicate the largest SD card that will work in that slot and double the storage space leave it in the slot just like a DS708, and could still use a USB card reader for transferring data and files to another SD card in a card reader now instead of the dedicated SD card slot that now seems to be getting relegated for dedicated storage of the car software.

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    2017-10-13 02:20:12 (Reply to:witsend)

     I have a MS906TS without a SD card and 10.02 installed without a problem on the internal memory.
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