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Unable to print

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    2019-04-24 14:24:59
     We have the Maxisys Elite. Trying to print from the tablet to the network printer brings up the message, "Open Adobe PDF Reader failed, please install Adobe PDF reader". We have installed and updated Adobe reader and flash on our computer. I have tried to update Adobe on the tablet, but google play won't allow me to add the device. Any ideas on what to do?

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    2020-07-09 04:22:46 (Reply to:)

     i have the same problem. have you managed to solve this issue?

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    2020-07-18 06:23:58

     Hi there I try to turn off windows firewall and defender for 10 min and try again.

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    2020-09-12 15:36:55

    Same with me.. no printer on the network in my case

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    2020-09-26 18:08:06 (Reply to:)

     I have the same problems, Every time I go to REVIEW DATA the unit is dropped from the Device List on windows. Crappy SOFTWARE.
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