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IM508 worked to program an Intelligent key to an Infiniti QX60

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    2020-10-03 21:18:13
      BTW , this was a 2019 Infiniti QX60
       It seems I couldn't just add an Intelligent key without it clearing the original working one where it no longer worked and just showed one registered key so I got suspicious and sure enough the original working Smart key buttons didn't work , so I added it and the original Smart key buttons worked again, so it seems to me I will need to have the customer supply all their Smart keys and re-register everything like it's an  all keys lost scenario.Thankfully it all worked out and I didn't just end up disabling the customer's only working smart  key. Sigh of relief.
       Also the new Intelligent Smart key The customer supplied I first tested all the buttons had a RKE output of a 414mhz signal successfully with the Tool kit function on my TS401. I noticed an  extra upper button on his new intelligent key. It was for a remote start.Using My Maxi SYS Elite, I was able to turn on the remote start capability in BCM under special functions but thought it might not have taken , but upon searching, I found that it indeed did work, since you need to push the lock button once before holding the top button for the remote start in for at least 2 seconds and then remote start function on the new intelligent key worked great :-))

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    2020-10-04 14:06:53 (Reply to:witsend)

     Good to hear. You now have a reason to keep this tool.
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