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Latest 5.04 System program update?

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    2016-10-15 18:53:08
    I installed the latest system program update 5.04 and the 802 will no longer boot up. If I put the original 8gb sd card back in, it will boot but as soon as 5.04 is applied, no longer boots up.

     I can delete all the files in the scan folder and start the update program to re authorize the sd card and it will boot up but since we are forced to get the 5.04 system update first, this means I can't get the vehicle updates because the 5.04 won't let the thing boot. 

    Is there a way to decline the 5.04 system update but still get the vehicle updates?

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    2016-10-17 21:01:42 (Reply to:schigara)

     Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema que vos, espero que nos den una respuesta satisfactoria!
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