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update maxidiag elite 802

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    2020-06-10 22:48:29
     how do i update for later years gm

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    2020-06-12 23:51:34 (Reply to:EdOK)

     no lo se, yo necesito actualizar tambien ya que nunca fue actualizado el mio, y no logro encontrar las actualizaciones. gracias

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    2020-07-06 15:50:16 (Reply to:EdOK)

     It's pretty straighforward.  Make sure you have installed the Autel software to PC, put the Micro SD card into a card reader, put that into usb port on PC and run the Autel software, it will update whats required...

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    2020-07-06 20:23:10

    I agree make sure you down load the app and have a autel account. The use passed for app. Then pick tool. Then update tool. Of dont forget the SD card.
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