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2020 Toyota Tundra TPMS ?

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    2019-09-12 03:28:42
      Anyone know if the latest update for my TS501 will allow me to program my 2020 Tundra. 
    I think the latest update version would get me up to date for 2019 models ? 

    The sensors that came inside the custom wheel and tire kit I purchased were actually for a 2019 Tundra , since info/compatibility of the 2020 is not really out in the aftermarket world yet. 
    We were in hopes there were not any TPMS changes from TOYOTA on the 2020s TPMS system. 

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    2019-09-17 20:23:22 (Reply to:cc1999)
    Paid the local dealer $50 bucks to try and program my 2019 sensors to my 2020.
    No luck, still didn't get it programmed, but I know now what the issue is. I am told the issue is there is a new sensor for 2020s only on the Tundra's with smart key option.
    Since my Platinum does now have the smart key. These 2019 sensors will not work.

    Since there wasn't a smart key system available on the 2019s at all none of the aftermarket nor factory sensors for 2019s will work on a smart key equipped 2020.
    So in my case these 2019 sensors will never work in this 2020.

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    2019-10-02 03:18:03 (Reply to:cc1999)

     Maybe those sensors are new for 2020 Tundras but maybe that same TPMS sensor been in use a couple years already  on some other Toyota or Lexus models with Smart key?  Did you ask the parts guy? If you find out other applications use that part number and have been a few years already, it might be able to find a compatible universal  Autel dual range MX sensor that is listed for the older model Lexus that uses the same factory  # Toyota part  as the 2020 Tundra.  

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    2019-10-02 03:54:02 (Reply to:cc1999)

     We are still in 2019 where did you get this Toyota of 2020...............

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    2020-07-17 22:39:22 (Reply to:Ashraf)

      I went through a similar situation. Even though you already found out, the TPMS sensors for the 2020 Tundras are the ones with number PMV-C015. They are also listed in the TS508, but not sure if listed in the most recent update for the TS501....
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