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Issues in programming brand new sensors

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    2020-01-20 15:57:31
     I have been using the Autel tool for quite some time now. I have been able to program and relearn many sensors in the past flawlessly. Lately, however, I have been having issues programming brand new sensors. I recently purchased 3 Autel sensors from Advance Auto parts like I have in the past. Out of the 3, I was only able to get 1 to program. The other 2 weren't even being detected by the scanner. At this point I'm not sure if the issue lies in the device or the brand new sensors.

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    2020-01-20 18:28:47 (Reply to:clarksuhaul)

     I would say the 3 sensors you bought 1 of them worked fine and 2 did not even be detected by your tool so, I thing your 2 sensors are faulty take them back from where you bought them and go to the store with your tool ask them to exchange those 2 sensors and test your 2 new sensors there only before you live the store to confirm if the sensors are faulty or, your tool is the problem....

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    2020-06-28 18:22:19 (Reply to:Ashraf)

     I have the same problem.  It looks like autel is having a quality control problem with the mx-sensor, the dual frequency units.  Can autel please check some units at the warehouse to find 3 good ones.  Then ship them to me so I can get on with replacing the ones on my car.  Thanks.
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