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TS501 & Sensor check not working on 2020 Prius Prime

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    2020-07-23 00:02:41
    Just purchased new 501, updated yesterday the SIM, and tried it out on my 2020 Prius Prime where I am suffering from switching to/from winter /summer sets of wheels.  The TPMS in the OEM wheels (summer) worked great, then the car had to go to dealer to reconfigure when the winter set of wheels were put on (with their own sensors).  The TPMS sensors in the winter tires then worked fine, but when the summer tires went back on, the light came back on.  Hence the purchase.  After the SIM upgrade, I was able to select Prius Prime 2016-2020, but could not read any of the sensors in the OEM wheels.  I was able to read the sensors in my 2010 Subaru Forester, so the tools (and this user) works correctly at least some of the time. 

    Are there gotchas, tips, or tricks not in the manual that I should be aware of?


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    2020-07-23 17:33:29
     Dan in support offered the following helpful information.

    "First, lets make sure you're at the most current software version and the correct market on the tool.  From the home screen head to Setting, check the Market and make sure it's set to America.  After that head down to About.  The Sys. Software Version should be at 2.85. Providing all that checks out try the following.

    "Instead of selecting a 2020 Prius, try using the Corolla Hatchback selection.  There's only one year option which is 01/2019-12/2019 (315Mhz).  This model uses the same OE part number sensors as the 2020 Prius.  In our tools the 2020 Prius option uses an updated part number that superseded the original.  Some cars don't gel very well with that new number and can cause issues like the one you're experiencing.  As for the Corolla Hatchback selection, your Prius and the tool won't know the difference.

    "Using that you can perform your OBD relearns like normal.  Side note, our tools will display a position for a spare wheel if it was an option for that vehicle to have a full-size, sensored spare.  If your vehicle doesn't have a sensor in the spare you can bypass it by selecting the spare using the arrow keys, pressing the trigger button as if you were reading a sensor, then hitting No (N button) while it's attempting to read.  That will cancel out that position and allow you to proceed."

    ----- my results ----

    My tool was already up-to-date.  Selecting the Corolla Hatchback led to instant success in reading the sensors.  After skipping the spare as instructed, I then performed the OBD2 relearn (writing codes to the car's ECU). 
    Shortly after that, all was well, and a short test drive was successful.
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