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Language advice in German-Translation - Fehlerkodes = Fehlercodes.

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    2020-06-05 10:40:11
     I have a little comment for the next German Update.
    In the german-translation package the word Error-Codes are wrongly written in a funny way "Fehlerkodes".
    It has to be set to "Fehlercodes" with a "c".

    I had a customer in my shop, telling about my new cool Autel and he was viewing on the monitor.
    He was starting to find things funny because of the horrible german - but there was a laughing in the whole workshop when we were randomly reading the word "FehlerKodes". Kot = "Shit/Poop" in German.

    Please update those Buttons to "Fehlercodes" in a update.

    In general the German is very poor from the technical side. I could assist to bring the technical-english to a correct technical-german.

    Sometimes you are forced to switch to english to understand what the system want or what the button is about.

    I just could reach out my hand to assist you - because even the main-buttons are not "really professional german".
    Having a HDMI Port in times of customer-transparency should lead to a prioirty for making an professional impression from the beginning in your workshop
    Everyone sees obviously that it is about google-translate-style, mostly not translated by german engineers.

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