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Worry Free Ability to Perform Factory Resets on older Tablets out of Update period ...

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    2020-10-05 11:14:12
     and be able to install our saved backup software later and have no hassle  error free system authorization to access the car software Apps again after re installation.
      Come on Autel we know you want us all to keep buying updates,  however IMO (especially with messages highly recommending to back up our software every time I update) that as time passes with so many software Optimizations done to this or that , over time due to OE manufacturer legal challenges, the older the vehicles get, the greater chance some function is going to be shuffled , relocated, or broken and this will never be deemed worthwhile for the engineers to go back into and it and fix because it's considered irrelevant because it's too old of a vehicle . With so many new Autel Tablets out with new features relegating the older ones with limited storage space to history, no body wants to pay a grand to update one if their software backups don't work when needed.
      I believe The newer the vehicle model software is,  the closer it still resembles the OE architecture, and the greater the chance the Autel software functions are going to work .
      It would be awesome if we could pay a small fee for 5 year software backup insurance if a factory reset is needed  to  our older tablet and we ca reinstall the backup software again and be able to expect error free access to our car app diagnostic software once again.
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