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What would you do??

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    2020-10-08 20:38:11
     I want supportive "specialty tools" to go with the Elite I just ordered. I see the new BT608, also wouldn't mind buying MV400 if I can get those in a package DEAL with MaxiScope MP408. -college student, enjoying saving time/money, future dealership mechanic. 

    If this is going to save me time in the future, it is worth the money. I only have so much money for tools being a college student working and going to class daily getting as many hours as possible, while also attempting to save money for hopefully a wedding in the next couple years as my girlfriend continues her studies for being a physical therapist. Was originally planning to order a maxisys ultra, changed my mind while asking god what he would want me to do. Thinking I could order a "Ultra" or something similar in the future as my career takes me on whatever path. Basically my point is the more I can save in any area, the more I can spend on really handy tools, theres also a reason I don't want a snap on diag tool. I honestly am only possibly ordering a torque wrench from them... Enough about that, basically just praying there can be a package deal because I'm guessing those items aren't going to be cheap. 
    Best regards.
    -JW, NE 
    PS. Thank you if you followed and read til the end. 

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    2020-10-09 05:40:37 (Reply to:1wheels_)

     What if God spoke to you that you first have to upsell more hours with oil changes or your girlfriend will dump you and you'll become a street preaching jigalow? :-))
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